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Akita Art An art, created by a free mind, with no limits, letting imagination takeover minutes, hours and days, overlooking hunger and rest resulting in something unique. In Japanese, Akita means 'retirement', it's a time, when we do what our heart desires and that's what I ventured out for, at a non retiring age, after working in the airline industry for years. Why Japanese? Because, it was Japan, which gave birth to 'Ikebana' expressing simplicity, elegance and style, touching our very soul.

One of my best childhood memory was of a doll house I had made along with a friend. It was fascinating to see the potential of tools then, now I try to optimize their potential with a purpose. I just close my eyes and let my imagination to the rest, from whatever I have seen, felt or heard so far. My sincere thanks goes to all those skilled craftsmen I have worked with, making it possible for my imagination to take a form and shape.

Something new will be conceived, which is still to be born, which I don't know myself. I just follow my heart, abiding with the signals I get from the Divine.

I only bring it across to you. ....Dipti Tandon

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