Akita Art


My house in the hills can easily become your studio. That's how many of your pieces I have and it's a delight to look at them. I have never received so many compliments .... Kiran

All over the world people are investing and buying art which has become the new buzz word. However, some of us find it quite out of reach. Akita Art and it's presence at the diwali mela every year has been quite a find. Their art work is not only a visual treat, but it is eco friendly and pocket friendly too. It has helped me bring nature to the urban space I habitat. Their work has a modern day appeal. I hope you will continue adding soul to your work.....Simkie Singh

Dipti, your work is different, very well styled and if I may, call it, contemporary zen with right pricing. Given the exposure it deserves...it will fly...God bless and good luck..... Virender Bhatia

Too good. One of it's kind. Very difficult to choose as each piece is unique. Keep it up and it's very inexpensive for the kind of unusual designs.... Padmaja Kumar

Extremely unusual and interesting....Rani Sawhney

Different, Quaint, Beautiful, would like to own every piece.....Poonam Chadha

It's not Maggie sauce, but still it is different.....Desai

Something that truly pleases the eyes and the heart.....Srijoyita Ghosh

Your stuff made it worthwhile coming to this exhibition.....Divya Nayar

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